4. Dismantling a Suzuki RF900R

4. Dismantling a Suzuki RF900


Disassembly By now, it is possible that any RF lovers amongst you are just reading in fear as to what crimes I may commit against the Suzuki. Yes, I am the guy who restricted a 120bhp motorcycle, yes I am going to rip my bike apart. This is your warning - I love the RF but I am going to make it my own and some of you may want to stop reading now as the rest of this thread is rated C for custom. So lets get this RF undressed... 40 41 42 Found a cheap tail off a 2007 R6 2c0 on eBay. Most of the mount points on the fairing were broken (not said in the description, was very angry) but the subframe was good so I kept it. 43 Just seeing what it might look like... : ) . Very exciting. 44 45 Back to disassembly... 46 47 48 49 54 New Part Alert! Bought an Mk1 Bandit swing arm with a R1 brace welded on, from eBay.60     Aaaand, back to disassembling... 4. Dismantling a Suzuki RF900 62 63 64 65 66 67 69 73