I have been working on my RF900R StreetFighter since late 2012 but due to other commitments it hasn’t progressed at any great speed. This blog is designed to share with you the stages that my RF900R has gone through, from an almost original bike to a custom StreetFighter, and hopefully the bike of my dreams.

I will be posting updates when and as I can but feel free to subscribe to the mail listing to be notified of any progress.

Below are the build stages of my Suzuki RF900R StreetFighter. I have tried my best to brake the StreetFighter build up into clear stages and describe what I have done to the change the RF900R from its origins to the custom StreetFighter of my dreams.

If you have any questions about the bike, the parts / services used or anything else, feel free to contact me though the contact form.

* Please be patient – this blog is very picture heavy and can load slower than other pages


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