8. Powder Coating RF900R Motorcycle parts

8. Powder Coating RF900 Motorcycle parts
8. Powder Coating RF900 Motorcycle parts


Time for paint! Off we go: 144 I got a quote from Jim at https://www.archerpowdercoatinglimited.co.uk in Portsmouth to do everything in the pictures below (too many to list) for £200. 145 148   Paint Job, Round #1 It wasn't until I got everything home and unwrapped the bubble wrap that I noticed a couple of things:
  1. Scratches on the swing arm
146   2. Poor finish on both rims 147 Round #2 I immediately took them back and Jim redid the swing arm. Unfortunately Jim explained the rims were made from cast alloy and the powder coating process causes air bubbles in the rims to pop and give the effect seen in the photo. After 3 attempts to re-coat the rims I still wasn't happy. He finally tried something called a wet coat (?) which seemed to sort out the problem and gave the same finish as the rest of the parts (forgot to take pictures of finished rims.. oops).