5. Removing the RF900R tail (Subframe)

5. Removing the RF900 tail (Subframe)


Now everything had been taken off it was time to call the surgeon. Although I never minded the tail of the RF, I wanted a new look for my custom RF and therefore it had to go… Used pen to mark off the parts for surgery... (Don't want to accidentally cut anything else off!) 76 79   Grab the tools... (remember safety first).. 80   ...and set to work 81 83 85 87 90   RF bobber anyone? 😉 91 92   And then there was none.... 93 96 97 The stand: Figured out pretty quickly that a proper stand was going to be needed, so I picked up an Abba stand and footrest adapters so I could work on both ends without worrying about it falling over. (p.s. worth every penny) 99 101   Bye bye mysterious, nasty lumps 102   With the subframe gone I could now get an idea of the mock up for the new subframe and tail. Definitely a 2 man job, so got my little brother to help out...where does the new subframe go? 103 104 106 108 109 112 A few pictures before it was picked up for the welder. (For anyone interested, check out the BMW 2002tii in the background - our father-son bonding project.) 115 5. Removing the RF900 tail (Subframe)