18. RF900R – Brembo Rear Caliper

18. RF900 – Brembo Rear Caliper


Rear Brembo So I did some research that provided some very interesting results. Many of you know that the RF and MK1 Bandits share a lot of parts but the bandit is a much more popular bike for modifiers and streetfighters. This means that there are more upgrades for the bandit, some of which can be taken across to the RF. Bandit Mk1 Brembo rear conversion Kit from MHP , call for the best price … bandit 1200 gen 1 brembo rear brake conversion kit for Suzuki rf900 rf900 bandit brembo rear brake And fitted... rf900 fitted with brembo rear brake and braided red brake line with wavy disk brake Brakeage! Need to sort out the brake line. May need a longer one… 18. RF900 – Brembo Rear Caliper