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Last modified: 16 April 2020
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Hello Everyone, it’s been a while since I have posted anything  but I thought I would share with you my Suzuki RF900 wiring diagram. I have spent sometime making this as I needed one for my StreetFighter build. I am currently rewiring my wiring loom and had found a diagram on the RFOC but it very hard to see anything properly due to the poor resolution, so I decided to make a better quality one.

Suzuki RF900R Wiring Harness Diagram

Color (HD) version of the Suzuki RF900R (1995) wiring harness diagram found in the workshop manual. I spent many hours making this. Enjoy.

If anyone sees anything I have done wrong or anything to make it better, feel free to contact me.

Anyway, I hope this helps anyone who has to do some electrical work. Anyone doing electrics on an rf  should also see The Shed by fastfitter. This one of the best resources ever. On other news, I hope to have a well over due update for my build in the near future.

*Note: I made this from the workshop manual for the 1995 RF 900 – Other Models version of the wiring loom. This may not be correct for all RF900s but should give a good guide to many people.

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