21. RF900R StreetFighter – Brembo RCS

21. RF900 StreetFighter – Brembo RCS


So, very little progress on the actual bike due to current working situation but have had a few parts come. I decided not to flake out and have bought myself a Brembo RCS clutch and brake cylinders. 280281 Also, to the delight of many on here , I have decided that I would to streetfighter this project for the mean time. 282 The work I was doing on the fairing and the headlights was coming along but as many pointed out it was looking a bit too large for the bike. It would have also been a lot of work to the to make the fairings fit and give them the "Taylor" look and I have this giant urge just to get out and ride.

20. RF900R StreetFighter – Sunshine Update

20. RF900 StreetFighter – Sunshine Update


So, as some may know I am currently doing an MSc and have had to cut down on hours at my part-time job and time spent on the bike due to the sheer amount of work. I hope to start working on it again this summer (2013) but there are no certainties and it may take a bit longer. Anyway the sun was out and I thought I would get some pictures to look at while I in the library staring at a computer screen. 256257258259260261262263264265266267268269270

19. RF900R / R6 (07) Tinted Tail Light Swap

19. RF900 / R6 (07) Tinted Tail Light Swap

18. RF900R – Brembo Rear Caliper

18. RF900 – Brembo Rear Caliper


Rear Brembo So I did some research that provided some very interesting results. Many of you know that the RF and MK1 Bandits share a lot of parts but the bandit is a much more popular bike for modifiers and streetfighters. This means that there are more upgrades for the bandit, some of which can be taken across to the RF. Bandit Mk1 Brembo rear conversion Kit from MHP , call for the best price … bandit 1200 gen 1 brembo rear brake conversion kit for Suzuki rf900 rf900 bandit brembo rear brake And fitted... rf900 fitted with brembo rear brake and braided red brake line with wavy disk brake Brakeage! Need to sort out the brake line. May need a longer one…

17. RF900R StreetFighter Status Update

17. RF900 StreetFighter Status Update

16. RF900R Petrol Tank Remodel – Pt1

16. RF900 Petrol Tank Remodel – Pt1


Currently working on the tank. I’ve never been a fan of the nasty lip around the edge of the RF tank. You don't see this on modern bikes, so I will be getting rid of it with some chemical metal, sandpaper and a lot of time and hard work.   Progress so far…

15. New Speedo – Translogic MircoDash3

15. New Speedo – Translogic MircoDash3


I bought the coolest speedo I could find (why not?) To be honest I had been looking at these for a while and eBay finally spat out a very nice price. Ladies and gentlemen, I present the Translogic Microdash 3. God it’s good looking… Translogic Microdash 3 Translogic Microdash 3 Translogic Microdash 3

14. RF900R Stick Coil Conversion Preview

14. RF900 Stick Coil Conversion Preview


So we're back outside and and I’ve bought some stick coils off a GSXR750 K6/7, along with a damaged wiring loom which I have cut the plugs off. I am still currently working on the electrics but hope to get the wiring sorted out soon. Talking about electrics, I have also found my new speedo...

13. Customising the Front Fairing

13. Customising the Front Fairing


I’m was also starting to think about the front faring and, as with the RF tail, I have nothing against the RF front looks but I wanted something a bit special and different. I decided that I would take inspiration from this concept… Suzuki RF900 Prototype - RF1000   Still too ordinary? Little bit. Also, after all this effort and customisation, I didn't want it to look just like a Hayabusa. If I wanted something that looked like a Hayabusa, I would have bought a Hayabusa. Time to mix it up a bit. I decided to change the air ram areas into the headlights.   Spring was in the air, and with it I was being kicked out of the house and back into my chilly workshop. However, I had made good progress on the front fairing and electrics. I was tired and couldn’t be bothered to get off the chair, so this is the photo I’ve got for you guys.

12. GSXR 1000 Gilles Rear Sets on a RF 900

12. GSXR 1000 Gilles Rear Sets on a RF 900


Rear Sets. eBay we salute you. I was inspired by the work of RFOC t0m541 who discovered that GSXR1000 k1-k4 rear sets would fit the RF. This meant I could fit these bad boys. Got these off eBay for a 1/3 of the price of a new set, not sure about the colour but could not pass up on the deal as I could sell them again if I needed. Once again the photos do not do them justice; these are spotless.